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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I setup multiple IPv6 Buddies in a fully connected mesh?
Our first version of the IPv6 Buddy does not have HA functionality built in unfortunately. We understand, the ideal situation is to have multiple paths. You are still able to run your IPv6 Buddies redundantly however. Simply plug each buddy into its own USB port and should one fail, the remainder will still be available. Ideally do not plug all your buddies into one USB hub to avoid unnecessary SPOFs.

I have an office gift exchange but did not order in time. Do you have a voucher I can print for my colleague?
Yes, we have a PDF voucher available in either US Letter or A4 page size.

How many key presses can the IPv6 Buddy handle in a lifetime?
We have not tested this, but our manufacturer informs us it can handle more than 8 million key presses over its lifetime. The maximum number of characters in an IPv6 address, including colons, is 39. Assuming the average length of an IP is half this, 19.5, that means the IPv6 Buddy will let you type in more than 410k addresses before it thinks about breaking.

I'm into layer 2 myself, what use is this to me?
MAC addresses! With its hexidecimal characters and colon key, the IPv6 Buddy also allows you to enter MAC addresses very easily.

Is this a joke?
No, this is in fact a real IPv6 keypad that will actually be delivered to your door if you buy one!